Monday, June 8, 2009

Dear cycling:

It has been a long time since we've last spoken to each other. I have missed you dearly. I know I just barged in on you. I didn't even knock today. Im sorry about that, it was awful rude of me. I really wanted to see you again.

We had a good time today didn't we? 30 miles together, 10 times as many hills. We didn'e have any close calls with cars! We will see how I feel about it tomorrow, but I know I will keep crawling back for more. You cause me pain and fatigue, but you're worth every second of it.

The burn for that last 10 miles was a reminder to me that I never want to leave you again. You are so loyal to me and I just deserted you. Please take me back and I promise to hold you close.

Ok enough of that. So as you can probably tell, I went for my first ride today. I love it. The burn deep in my legs that I'm still feeling hours later. The pain from grinding my ass bones into the seat will stop eventually, as I remember it. I hope its soon. So 30 today. I'm gonna have to swim tomorrow and maybe put a few miles on a stationary bike at the gym to work some transistions. Long story short, there is a possibility I could be ready for this half!

So I had a heart to heart with what caused the downward spiral. It felt good. It was exactly what I needed. I think I can stop drinking to hide the pain. Life still isnt what it used to be, but now I have hope that it can get back to that. Thank you, you know who you are.

Other than that, I kinda tore my car apart this afternoon, ran outta time with light, but got almost all the interior pieces out (that I needed to). My poor car is naked on the inside. Im doing this so I can finish installing my stereo. I got an HD reciever, and a satellite reciever for it (a few other bits too). I'm going to try and get this all installed through the week, and hopefully be able to finish this weekend. I'm pretty excited to make all the grey buttons on my radio red because I can use them!

Well, thats all for now

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