Monday, June 8, 2009

Dear cycling:

It has been a long time since we've last spoken to each other. I have missed you dearly. I know I just barged in on you. I didn't even knock today. Im sorry about that, it was awful rude of me. I really wanted to see you again.

We had a good time today didn't we? 30 miles together, 10 times as many hills. We didn'e have any close calls with cars! We will see how I feel about it tomorrow, but I know I will keep crawling back for more. You cause me pain and fatigue, but you're worth every second of it.

The burn for that last 10 miles was a reminder to me that I never want to leave you again. You are so loyal to me and I just deserted you. Please take me back and I promise to hold you close.

Ok enough of that. So as you can probably tell, I went for my first ride today. I love it. The burn deep in my legs that I'm still feeling hours later. The pain from grinding my ass bones into the seat will stop eventually, as I remember it. I hope its soon. So 30 today. I'm gonna have to swim tomorrow and maybe put a few miles on a stationary bike at the gym to work some transistions. Long story short, there is a possibility I could be ready for this half!

So I had a heart to heart with what caused the downward spiral. It felt good. It was exactly what I needed. I think I can stop drinking to hide the pain. Life still isnt what it used to be, but now I have hope that it can get back to that. Thank you, you know who you are.

Other than that, I kinda tore my car apart this afternoon, ran outta time with light, but got almost all the interior pieces out (that I needed to). My poor car is naked on the inside. Im doing this so I can finish installing my stereo. I got an HD reciever, and a satellite reciever for it (a few other bits too). I'm going to try and get this all installed through the week, and hopefully be able to finish this weekend. I'm pretty excited to make all the grey buttons on my radio red because I can use them!

Well, thats all for now

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Here I am again!

Well, my loayal readers, I'm am back after more than probably a month of absence. I know I've inspired a lot of you into changing your lives for the better, mostly with my mile a day, but several of you in other ways as well. That makes me so happy, and proud to have been able to touch that many of you without even seeing you for several years in some cases.

I know i haven't been here for a while to keep you going, but hopefully you were able to. Recently I have been battling with some inner problems that I didn't think I was going to have to see again. With the way I have been living as of late, I didn't feel it would be fair to try and inspire you while I couldn't inspire myself. Now, I'm still dealing with things, but in a much more healthy way. I have been able to maintain my mile a day, as well as finishing my first marathon! I am really excited about the results of it, including the pitfalls and pains.

I continued to train once I went out to CA. Problem was, I was having some severe knee pains on my long run days, right around mile 10-12. Enough pain to make me have to walk. So, I backed off the long runs for about 3 weeks prior to the race, and didn't feel that pain. So I went with it. Race day- got to the race nice and early, was ready, felt real good. Miles one through 8 went real smooth, I remember them because for whatever reason, I could not STOP farting. It was making me laugh the whole time. Got to mile 9ish and dont remember a whole lot until mile 12. It was smooth, I was calm and felt good. Right? Otherwise I would think I would remember it... So mile 12 is where the half marathoners and full split off. I continued on miles started ticking off, to the point where I would run by 13, then 14, then 16... What? Where was 15? Anyways I was truckin'. Got to mile 18 and I did one final quick math in my head and as long as I didn't slow my pace by a minute or more a mile I was going to finish at 3:35! I was PUMPED! Got to mile 20 and my knee problem killed me. It hurt so bad I could hardly walk let alone jog. It took me 18 minutes to get through that one mile. I was able to hobble up to a 11 minute pace and limp my way to the end but it ruined my finish time. I ended finishing at 4:04. Which is about a 9:30 pace. Not too shabby considering... I'm happy with it, and I'm even more excited to do another! I think I will stick to one a year, just because I dont think I need to run more than that. And I'll be able to do them for longer, hopefully.

So now, I needed something to carry me through my rough patch. I found it. I think there is a half ironman triathlon nearby, in August. 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run. I'm definitely going to train for it. The way I see it, I already have the run down, all I have to do is maintain it, easy-ish. Short runs through the week, long run on the weekend, maybe some speed work mixed in. So I have just over 2 months to get my swim and my bike under control. I'm thinking I may be able to do it. I'll wait to sign up and see how the training is going at that point. If not I'm sure there will be another one in a month or so to give me a few more weeks to be ready.

School has been pretty my mute in my life. I had a wonderful month in CA and really enjoyed the program, and would not mind being a part of that for 3 years once I'm done with school. May has been and June will be the same rotation here in Ohio at a wound care center. Its all very interesting, but it is pretty much the same thing over and over again. I like it, but don't really think I could base my practice on it. I won't say I'm against it, because what if that is whats needed where I end up? I just don't plan for that to be my path.

So, to try and change some of the bad in my life to good, I've quit the sauce. Booze, you might say? Nah, I love that stuff. No, I quit drinkin coke. Coke is what I call all soda-pop type beverages. I felt I had to because I would crave not the sugar, nor the caffeine, but the carbonation. I couldn't go a day without it. So I quit. Today is day 4 or so and I have a bit of a craving, but they are fewer and farther between. I'm far enough out of the hard part that I am not drinking (heavily) daily, but now it has trimmed back to a much more reasonable 2 or 3 nights a week. I would love to vent to you all as to the cause of this downfall of me, but it just isnt the time. I'm not quite ready to share it with everyone, nor do I feel a blog is the right venue to do that. Haha. But with that all in mind, I am doing well again, I am happy again, and I am talking to you again! All very good things.

I think this is about the end of today. There is so much I haven't told you, but you got all the important stuff. Now I think I'm going to give people on XBOX live the business end of my boomstick on COD.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Captain Technology

So we all know I do like the new gadgets and gizmos, but we all also know I'm usually fairly late on getting them.  I was the first, however, to get a black RAZR in Bloomington.  Thats all.  Ive had a black razr ever since.  Ive never had any need to move up.

Now I do.  With the costs of cell phone bills rising and texting being pretty much the only way you can reliably get ahold of someone... You have to have it.  I have had it, but only 200 a month, and we all know how quickly you can burn through that.  SO.  I went out and got myself a blackberry.  They have that BB messaging system.  BALLER!  Its like free texting!  Im still astonished by this.  I think I like it so much because I feel like I'm stickin it to the man by not paying to use his text technology.  So I spent much up my afternoon off setting it up and learning how to use it.  I think I can at least use the thing.  I definitely need to learn to type quicker on the thing.  And more accurately as well.

So Sat I went for a run.  I wanted to make it in the area of...14-16 miles.  Made it 11, maybe 11.5, and died.  Know why I died?  I think sun may have a part in it but I think it was mostly the fact I ran the last 5 miles in sand.  My sis says I was in the "hard" sand.  Hard sand or not, it was at least 50% harder running in it.  I think the looser deeper stuff up the beach would have KILLED me.  Yesterday, I ran around 3, really fast.  I like running fast.  It makes me feel like I'm in shape.  Today was a shorter day and I ran 2, and worked in 3 short really steep hills that I sprinted up.  Just to make myself suffer some.

So I really wish I had picked some other month to make it out here.  Well, had been selected to be out here.  There are several reasons for this.  1) So I could be a little more prepared for the questions and not be so green behind the ears for this one, 2) So the ocean would be a touch warmer so I could go SURFING without a wetsuit (we went on sunday, I loved it, as usual, and we had a TON of fun doing it), but mostly 3) So Kim could have some free time that I could get her out here for some time.  I'd love for her to come out here for like a week or so.  Maybe sometime in the near future we can take a vacation out here for...oh, lets call it "personal health and growth".  Sound important?  I thought that would make it a more legit reason to do it.

Well, I have several articles that I have to know by tomorrow, time to get started.  Ill catch ya later!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

One week...

So I have been here for almost one full week.  I have 4 days in at the rotation.

I am exhausted.

I don't know how I'm ever going to make it through residency.  3 years of this is going to probably kill me!

Unfortunately, this week has been abnormally slow at the program, as far as clinic/surgery goes.  I've watched a few surgeries, and worked in one attending's clinic in the afternoon.  Believe me, that does not mean I have been able to just float around and flub off.  The two residents have been beating me over the head!  Everything I have learned over the last 3 years has been coming back to haunt me.  Antibiotics (MOAs, coverage), surgery classifications, compartment syndrome, anesthetics, surgical procedures, ALL of it.  And they just keep going with it too.  For whatever reason, they've decided to "make me a pimp" at the rest of my externships (as they say).  I tell them I'm just along for the ride, and I'll try and learn everything they can teach me.

As an aside, one of the outpatient surgery centers we go to is owned by a plastic surgeon.  There are boxes and boxes of fake boobies everywhere.  Posters of sizes and shapes... I didn't know there were so many options with those things!  The volume, dimensions, shape, material, natural hang factor.  WOW.  There are probably 150 of those things on shelves all over the place.  Anyway.

So I think I'll have a cool surgery tomorrow.  Tib-fib fracture ex-fix.  Im excited to see that.  I've never seen an ex-fix put on before, nor have I ever seen an open reduction before.  Then I have the afternoon for more studying.  Great, time to get beat over the head some more.

I have been going to sleep at 10-1030 since I got here.  Mostly because that's when my sis and her hubby do.  I am SO glad I have been.  There would be no way I'd survive if I hadn't.  Speaking of, it is my bedtime.  I'll chat with ya again this weekend.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Here I am...In CA!!!

So I made it.  I'm in California.  I guess I didn't realize it was going to take me 15 hours to get here though.  I got here, and my parents are here.  We went to the BEST burger bar in PB.  Man was that delicious.  Then we headed up to Oceanside where my sis and her hubby live.  This is my first time seeing in their new place.  Really nice.  Then we were all pretty tired so we turned in for the night.

Sunday, I woke up and hung out for a little while.  Decided I would head out for my first run here in CA.  I knew I was going to run far, I had made that decision a while ago.  Started running down the beach boardwalk.  Got a little carried away watching the wonderful scenery, then I ended up starting to recognize some of the scenery.  I figured out...I was in the next town south of Oceanside, Carlsbad.  One of my favorite towns I've ever been to.  It's tiny, the beaches are beautiful, the downtown.  I love that place.  If you are ever in the San Diego area, do go there.  You won't be let down.  So, here I am in Carlsbad, turn around and decided to head home a different way.  Went up to the main road and saw a ton of people running/walking on that road.  Went up to one of them and asked what was going on, it was the Carlsbad 5000 (is what she called is).  So I started running in it.  I went probably 2 miles with them until their path diverged from mine.  There was a cop sitting there, and I had to ask to make sure I was on my way home, which way was Oceanside.  He looked at me a little confused and pointed me the right direction.  I figure I ran about...9-9.5 miles.  Not a bad one either.

Today I went in to the surgery center at 6:30.  Observed the only surgery scheduled today (slow day, which is very rare) and then headed off the the hospital for a quick tour given to me by the first year resident.  As we were walking around, we go to the subject of working out, and diet.  I told him about my mile a day.  Explained how you can tell yourself all you have to do is 1 mile.  Not too much time, not too much sweating, all that good sales pitch stuff I've been feeding you for the passed 4 months.  He started talking about trying to run 3 days a week, then lifting 2.  Then the subject kind of passed.  Probably 4 hours later, as we were preparing to leave, studying some things, and he was helping me with reviewing/learning for tomorrows cases, he said, "You know, I think I am going to hit you up on the mile idea.  You can easily will yourself to do, and finish a mile."


Either I'm a great salesman, or it just makes sense as a way to get back into working out.  I think its the later.  No...I know it's the later of the two.  Regardless, he's going to try starting it today when he got home.

Speaking of getting home, as soon as I got home I studied for the surgeries tomorrow...Then I ran!  I figure I went about 4 miles today, mostly along the beach.  In shorts, and sunglasses.   This made me so happy.  Then I talked to my lovely Kim.  I come to find out she got caught in the SLEET halfway through her run!  WOW!  I still find it amazing how different weather can be.

I am tired, I have another early morning tomorrow, and I need to do a little more reviewing.  This means I will be cutting it off a little early tonight, and talking to you later.

By the way...128 days and counting!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Ok, so heres the deal... I have tons of packing to do, I should have called my sis about a few things, I could have folded my clothes after laundry, I should have done all my patient logs from March, I could have finished cleaning my house... Want me to keep going? Want to know what I did manage to get done? I ran (good) I cleaned the inside of my car which is now spotless (whatever) I ate a TON of bbq chicken pizza (GREAT!) and I drank a bottle of wine (even better!). Notice the trend here? I didnt get anything that I HAVE to do done, I just got stuff that I wanted to do done. Whatever. I do have all day tomorrow, and tomorrow night. Hopefully I don't sleep in forever tomorrow, because that sure would throw everything off. We'll make it work, right?

So lets start at the beginning. Yesterday, I went for a bike ride on the path thats near my school. The pace was not blistering, as I am not training for any sort of biking, so I chose to keep my cadence way up, probably around 110 or so. 10 miles later, it was a deep burn. BUT I did have to do my 1 mile. So I took off down the same path I just rode and ran 1.75 (I know that because there's a house that far down the path that's labeled) and back. 3.5 miles. That deep burn from the ride turned into all out torture. But I was able to keep the legs churning and pumped out around 8:30 miles. That was until I went for my run today. I was thinking another 3-4 today would be good for me. Boy, was I wrong. I went a half a mile and Almost died. Had to walk for about a minute or so to get my head together. Cut it down and told myself, I can walk for one more minute if I run a total of 2 miles, the rest of which I cannot walk. I felt like I jad just started running again after a 2 year hiatus. MAN, I sure showed me whose boss (err...huh?). So, remember lesson 1 from long ago (maybe it was lesson 2) dont think you can go for a long run the day after a long ride in the car (6+ hours)? And then remember that went out the window once I grew up and wasn't such a wimp anymore? So I'm replacing that rule with this rule: If you're not used to it, don't think a bike ride the day or 2 before a race will be a nice day off/change of pace and you'll feel good.

Wine is good.

So today after my run I was sitting around and wanted food. I couldn't buy any because I leave for the whole month on saturday, which means unless it were canned, its gonna spoil. So I was trying to decide on my own, then with Kim's help, then while waiting for her response Wil's help (about 30 minutes later) if I wanted Taco Bell or pizza. Check this out, both Kim and Wil answered within 10 seconds of each other and both agreed PIZZA. Which I, of course, agreed with. So I order a big BBQ chicken pizza. Probably too big. But with as much as I got, its going to last me dinner tonight, and lunch and dinner tomorrow. If you know my lack of will-power with pizza, that's definitaly saying something (if you didn't aready know, I cannot STOP when it comes to pizza, if there is any left, I'll gladly keep eating, to the point of sickness. That and donuts. Those are my two "I can't control myself things"). Then I look on good ole' stalkerbook...I mean Facebook...and my brother tells me "bbq chicken pizza, you cant go wrong". Sad. I've lived 26 years without this guy. He marry's my sister and I find out we probably couldn't agree more... On more than just pizza by the way. That's not the ONLY reason he's kickass.

Wine is awesome.

OH! Another really cool thing happened today. I have been in email contact with Hanes underpants because I'm not too happy with the 2 4-packs I bought a while back. They fit really really weird. I used to really like the fit of the "boxer briefs" but I just bought 8 of them and its way off now. Luckily I bought 4 "trunks" which fit awesome, so I had a point of comparison. Anyway, I've been talking to Mr. Hanes about it and I was thinking I'd mail the 8 crappy pair back. Let me clarify. I got mediums because thats about the size of my waist, I didnt want them too tight, so I went medium. The length between the bottom of the crotch to the top of the waistband has go to be...18 inches? Its really bizzarre. Which is exactly what I told Hanes. When I pull them up they go at least 4 inches if not 6 inches above my belly button. I feel like a grandpa. Unacceptable for running, maybe ok for lifting or something else. But this is what I told them, and they said they'd be sending me a complementary pack! WOO! I don't have to mail the others back! Meaning, I can tolerate these weird ones for short run days, or lifting days, and theyre basically free!!! WOOOOOOO!!! Horray for a company that is based on customer service and satisfaction, that seems to be getting harder and harder to find these days. I will probably buy only Hanes for this reason! They now have a devoted consumer. Was that too indepth? maybe? Sorry.

Wine make me jabbery, but is GREAT!

"City girl in country boots" I'm not gonna lie to you, there is no way I'm getting any of my patient logs done tonight. Either I: a) drank too much wine to even care, b)you are way awesomer than I and can do this, or c) are in the same state of mind and plug through without really paying any attention to whats going on with them. I'm hoping its c more than anything. WAIT! Nope, sorry, I just had a fleeting moment of thinking I may want to start these things. That fizzled out real quickly. Oh well, I'll do them sometime.

Yummy wine.

Ok my dear readers, I haven't been 100% honest with you. I mentioned a "bottle of wine". I may have mislead you with that statement. It's one of the BIG bottles, like the "it holds as much as 2 bottles, but only counts as 1 bottle" size. I am really starting to get good and liquered up! I think my right ring finger has a permanent spot on the delete button for all the typos. Fatty, I cannot follow your rules, this would be completly unreadable without using the delete button.

OOP! Here comes another refill!

I kinda wanna keep rattling because I think this may get very interesting very soon. Hmmm... Maybe I'll step away for a few minutes to let some more wines sink in, and we'll see where this goes? Sounds like a plan...

...ok, im back. about 1 hour later and i finished the bottle...well 2 bottles in one, but whose counting?

Man this wine stuff is super cool. And I think I'm even super cooler for drinkin it.

Anyways. Why is it when Im at my most in-oppertune moments I have to try and help someone thats hurt? Boy. The perils of getting drunk when in learning about this kinda stuff. I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow.

I LOVE wine!

I dont even have anything to write about any more. I've put down 2 bottles, haven't done anything I've intended on doing, and am ready for bed.

So do we think I'll get everything done tomorrow I need to? Obviously I'll pack. Is the apt. gonna be clean, is the secret Kim present gonna be finished, is the car gonna be washed, are the logs gonna be done? Who knows. I bet the bags get packed, and the Kim present gets done. The rest is just noise in the background. HAHA.

Welp, im gonna slug that last few sips down, probably watch a half a movie and hit the hay. I'll talk to you all later... Probably once I hit the Whales Vagina... San Diego for those who don't speak German.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Im here!

So, as always, I let myself get too wrapped up in doing a million other things than keeping you all posted. I'm sorry again. It's been over a week. :(

Had a very packed passed weekend! I drove over to the Ft. Wayner to meet up with Chris and Jackie. Hung out there for Thursday night, and we left on Friday to hit B-town to pick up Kim on the way to Louisville. We went down there to see Matt Kearney and Matt Nathanson in concert. They were great! Kearney put on an amazing setlist (minus the super annoying 13 year old girls that were there)! Then Nathanson came on, that guy is hilarious! If you ever get a chance to see him, GO! Great music, explaining where the songs came from, too funny, and the random chatter he was yackin about almost had me in tears! Very enjoyable.

Speaking of Louisville... JD, I believe the statement you made was something like, "The closest Casey is going to get to the buckle is if he steals my pants." I've gotta ask ya buddy, whats the weather like that far down in the standings? BOOOYA!

Enough of that. This nect month is going to be bittersweet for me. I am going to San Diego for the month. I'll be living with my sister and her hubby, and it's going to be great. But I also am in the position where I'm not going to be able to see Kim for over a month, including watching the team shes coaching woop some booty at Lil' 500. I'm really upset about it. I really want to be there for the race. Im also very nervous about the rotation, as it is my first, all I know is the basics they taught me in class, and the small amount I've read outside of class. Hopefully it'll be enough to get me started, and I'll learn a ton there. And I'm already nervous about the presentation I have to give while I'm out there, a 10 minute powerpoint about something, of my choosing.

Ive been runnin myself ragged trying to get everything tied up here before I leave for a month. Trying to clean my place, clean my car, and get my secret project for Kim done, all in by the end of this week. This could take me a month. A month I don't have. Ive got 25% 100% done, and the other 75% is 50% done. If that makes any sense. Scientifically proven, 60% of the time it works 100% of the time.

Now onto my running. Been keeping it going, but it's been rough. Short runs is all I've gotten in pretty much. I've been doing so many other things I'm running out of hours in the day to do my long runs. I've been able to average about 3 or 4 miles a day for the passed 2 weeks now. Not enough to be able to achieve my goal in the marathon. So I'm gonna keep the miles around 5 or so this week, then start really putting in the long runs in CA. I hope I have the time! I'll make it work though.

Well, I kinda caught you up to speed with me. I have a lot of stuff to get done over the next 4 days, then I leave. I'll be back before I leave, then once I get out there, I'm more than certain I'll have tons to talk about with you all. Catch ya later!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Snoring Fuzzball

So, you guessed it, I'm here in Bloomington.  Kim and I are layin around after a great concert last night, and Diesel is snoring up a storm.  Its hilarious how loud a little 11 pound ball of fuzz can snore!

Yesterday was my standard long day.  I was to run 15, and I definitely had my head in it.  I was ready for every last mile of it... Just not the hills.  I wanted to extend my 14 mile run from last my favorite run, so I could end it at Kim's office.  Then she could adjust me and make me not hurt anymore, AND drive me the rest of the way home.  One thing I always fail to consider when I'm mapping a run here in B-town.  Hills, hills, and hills.  I Extended the beginning of the run to loop out to the outskirts of town, and got ruined by the rolling mounds the entire way.  I had a hard time getting up the gusto to finish my run as strong as I would have liked.  I went 11 miles, and it took me a whopping 88 minutes.  Which would have been ok with me if I went farther.  But, all things considered, I loved it.  Then the end of the run worked out just as I had planned.  The perfect chiropractor, the perfect adjustment, and the best ride home ever! Haha.  By the way, yesterday was 111 days.

Now I know my mind is completely gone.  I'm signing up for the Chicago Marathon... In October.  At least, I'll have a good 2-3 months of recovery before I start training again.  I LOVE IT.

Thats all for now.  Im gonna cram in a little recovery run then go to Oliver for some wine.  Be jealous.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I have another fever...

BUT this time the only cure is more COWBE...wait a minute. Oh yea, more MILES!!

So, I'm gonna be honest with ya, Kim, again saved me. I was all down in the dumps, had a million and one things on my mind. I was pretty much Debby Downer. As always, Kim was there for me, listened and helped me get through the little bout of depression I was having.

Then I left Bloomington.

I had so much going on in my mind I missed my exit. If you're not familiar with Indianapolis, lemme break it down for ya. It has the 465 highway going all the way around it in a circle. I get on at about 6 o'clock, and my exit is around 2 o'clock. I missed 2 o'clock. Didn't realize I was no where near where I needed to be until around 11 o'clock on this wheel of confusion. I thought someone went through and changed all the signs on me! So I continued all the way around to 8 or so to get on the freeway I wanted to get on earlier. Long story short, I added about an hour to my drive. Wonderful. But, I made it safe and its all good.

Still have tons on my mind.

Go to my radiology thing this morning, with my running clothes on, ready to go. Weather was supposed to be 60... I'm pumped. Start my run. Get carried away on my run. Run 12 miles. Become happy Casey again! I didn't realize I need to run to be happy. Whats happening to me. I have to run farther than 5 miles to be happy! At least once a week. This sure is a weird feeling.

Have you ever heard where people get addicted to running. The endorphins or something happens to their heads where they just aren't themselves until they run. I think the miles go to their brain and they pretty much go crazy. That sure sounds familiar.

So the great news of the month. I can run again... FAR. I ran 12 miles in 1:30. I did make a water stop, and I also walked for at least 4 minutes. So, I'm not 100%, but I am getting there! When I was running, I was running plenty fast, my body just wasn't used to it. Soon enough.

Side note, I really need new shoes. My feet hurt today after this run. You know the tired, beat up feeling you get in your feet after a long day on them in either old or not proper shoes. Yea.

By the way, what is that aweful stench? Oh, I need a shower.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


So today was a 20 mile day which I said I was reducing to a 10 mile day, but I woke up this morning and did not have 10 miles in me.  Emotionally I was already beat.  So I ran a little over 5.  I felt great physically, and ran plenty fast through the whole thing, didn't have to walk at all, but my head just was not in it today.  I think I am truly getting tired of the winter gloom.  I need it to end, for my own sanity!

Here is the time where I get to brag a little bit about what happens in 2 weeks.  I get to escape the gloom of the midwest winter for wonderful San Diego!  I believe it's German for something.  So, neener neener.

I also was just told I haven't updated the number of days in a row.  Man, have I been slipping.  It has been a total of 104 days!  Yay me!  With all the 1 mile days, and factoring in the 14 mile days, lets see... carry the 2, drop down the square root, I've run about 450 miles through this time!  Loosely estimated.  Im very happy with that.  I have a good feeling that this summer will yield higher averages in miles a day.  I want to run, far, but I hate dressing for cold, starting cold, and the plethora of gloom.

Interesting side note, Wil, I saw the Goddess of War today while I was running.  She had huge gold wrist shackles forged in the fires of Hades and I swear I saw chains looping up her arms.  I'm only assuming they run to Blades of Fury she had tucked into a holster on her back somewhere.  I wonder if the 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee she was driving was assembled in the plant Aries himself built.  Sorry, everyone else if you don't get that one.  Wil and I had a little bout of addiction to a video game.  In my running mentality, I came up with this when I saw this woman, and it brought me a smile.

Thursday sure was long!  I had radiology CPC in the morning.  That was weird.  I think either the Doctor found a hatred for me, or he was just very grumpy.  He pretty much told me to be quiet 2 times, when I was trying to answer a question.  Actually, it was closer to a shut up, so that make me think he was just grumpy from his sickness.  Anyway, he let us out a little early, so I shot to the gym real quickly and put in a fast 3 miles.  I felt good!  I think I'm finally getting over that horrible sickness I had.  I can leave my death bed!  Then I met up with 2 others from my group at the old people home to bust some nails there.  Too bad we went to the wrong one.  We were supposed to be 20 miles across town.  DAMMIT!  If you know Cleveland at all you know trying to get anywhere takes entirely too long because the freeways ALWAYS seem to be far enough to be a pain in the ass to get to, but it would still take 5 times as long without them.  The 20 mile drive still took about 40 minutes because it took 20 minutes to get to the freeway.  See what I mean?  But we made it, and the doctor we were with (Dr. Caldwell) had enough time to cool off so he was happy by the time we got there.  Kinda funny.  So we made it, and then started to bust dem nails.  The 3 of us saw 50 some patients in around 4 or 4.5 hours.  It was madness!  Then I left right from there to come to B-town.  I made great time.  Just under 5.5 hours, and rolled in around 11:30.  Total time awake, WITHOUT a nap, 18 hours.  Very rare for me to be able to do that.  I need my sleep.  Course the 2 gallons of Mr. Pibb I drank probably helped.

Alright, here is where I sign off.  I need to shower.  The cold sweat stink I'm giving off is starting to make me light headed.  LAAAATER!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back? Maybe...

So I've been able to run a bit more these past few days. Just a bit thought. Lets not get too excited here. I have run 5k yesterday and today. It was HARD! Harder than Id like it to be. I think this means it is coming back. I just have to be careful I don't push it too hard and hurt myself. So instead of 20 this Saturday, I think I'm gonna limit it more to around 10. Then next week I'll shoot for about 15. Which means I'm still pretty far behind in training, but hey! Nothin' like a little challenge! I'm happy the miles are starting to come back. One the other hand I'm a little upset they're coming back so slowly. My legs just feel heavy around the 1.5-2 mile mark and I drag another mile out of them... Barely.

On another note, I did lift today. That made me feel real good! You know what I lifted? The pretty muscles. Thats about all I lift, really. I dont have any need to squat or bench. I want the pretty "spring break" muscles as we called them back in the IU track days. I'm sure the running would come a little faster if I did lift legs, but lets face it, who likes squatting? I hate it. So I solved that by just not doing it anymore.

On another another note, for dinner tonight I had a grilled cheese (Yes, with mustard) and a bowl of chili. Man, I always forget how good those are. And yes, I do put mustard on grilled cheese now. Kim, you have shown me the light!

What am I even rambling about anymore? Who knows. I think the particular attending I'm working for right now for school is rubbing off on me. I can feel myself getting dumber everytime I even see the guy. I look at him, I get dumber, which means I forget stuff I've paid a lot of money to learn in school, which means I'm losing money, which means someone owes me a refund! I think I'll write a letter to my school asking for a bigger refund check, either them or Obama. I hear he's just dishin' it out as fast as they can print it. Maybe my plea can get some of us poor saps with way too much student debt some help? I dunno. Just a thought.

Alright, I've rambled enough. Catch ya later!

Monday, March 9, 2009


So I'm back in Cleveland after a wonderful weekend with Kim over at my parents house in R-hole.  Kim had CME course she went to in Chicago, and had the idea to visit my parents because we hardly ever get to. So we had a blast.

While I was home I went to the local Bally's with my mom.  It was hilarious!  Shes never been on a treadmill before so I had to help her get it set up and give her some pointers on how to walk on them... Like you walk any other time.  It just made me laugh, then I thought back to my first time running on a treadmill.  I was a little awkward myself.  Then we talked about those elliptical machines... Don't even get me started on those things.  Both Mom and I agree we feel 100% gimpy on those.  It seems like my brain no longer has the ability to talk to my limbs in a smooth pattern as soon as I step onto one.  Needless to say I don't even try them.  So I went 3 miles on the mill on saturday.  The other days I used to walk the dog with Kim on friday and Mom on sunday.

I still have this nagging cough that will NOT relinquish its grip on my throat.  I guess it hasn't been that long.  It still annoys me.  So I was looking at my training schedule, I'm supposed to run 20 this saturday... How about NO?  haha.  I think that would be an invitation to an injury.  Im gonna try and bang out 10 miles.  Far, but not too far.  Then I've gotta work my butt off to try and get back onto track with the training plan.

School is SO much better now that I don't have classes.  Its just clinic and CPCs, which are mini classes.  A small group of 7 of us talk with an attending for a set amount of time, in which they teach us... stuff.  This month the CPCs are all about radiology.  There is so much stuff I've forgotten from class.  It is coming back, but slowly.  Next month I'm going to San Diego!!!  Really excited about it.  The program I'm visiting out there is supposed to be excellent, lots of surgeries, lots of clinical experience, and that means lots of learning!  That and it IS in San Diego!  Whats not to like?

Well, Ive got a ton of reviewing to do before I run today.  I'm thinkin its gonna be an attempted 5 mile day.  We'll see how the body feels, and what that means for how far I run.  Later

Saturday, March 7, 2009

SO sorry!

So everyone, I am very sorry about the past few weeks.  I haven't been able to feed you the necessary nourishment.  Boy do I have a lot of making up to do.  That and a lot of beans to spill.

So 3 weeks ago I started finals, and finals being what they are, little balls of stress all tightly packed like the mean friend that packs the snow into an ice ball during a snowball fight.  Small sure, but man they pack a whallop!  Saturday, a few back, I took my iceball suppository, thanks to law class, then went running.  I went 14 miles this chosen saturday and realized something very important.  You have to eat before you try to do something like that.  I hadn't eaten at all and ran myself into too deep of a hole.  I got sick.  Not just any sick, bad sick that I slept for 19 hours a day.  But I didn't have the time to keep doing it, thanks to more exams...and clinic!  YAY!!!

Anyway, I passed my classes.  Oh!  Good news, I just found out a day or two ago I made Dean's list.  So I think I made Dean's List every semester so far.  Once I finished hell week of finals and clinic, and clinic finals, I went snowboarding in New York.  A friend from school invited me along to go up to a family friends condo, and go skiing for the weekend at Holiday Valley.  It was beautiful.  Riding was pretty decent too!  Trails were well groomed, fun runs, and they were not nearly as short as some of the crap I've come across in the midwest!  It was lots o' fun.  BUT, I was still sick and was only able to go a half a day before I thought I was going to die from coughing.  So I called it a day, which turned into calling it a weekend and I stayed in the rest of the time because I though I was dying.  Wonderful.

Good news though.  I did maintain my mile-a-day!  I was able to walk a mile everyday, even with my death being eminent.  So just about 3 or 4 days ago I started running again.  I hope I didn't, but it feels like I lost EVERYTHING!  I've gone 2 miles for the past 3 days, and I just cannot feel good.  Of course, I am coughing incessantly, and I still don't feel like I'm un-sick.  I do still have a little hope that this will go away, and the good running vibe will come back, and stay until my marathon.

So that was a brief summary of all the time I wasn't able to bring you my aimless ramblings, and I know this doesn't make up for my time away, but its a start.  I promise I'll be on more to give you more of what you need.  Well, it looks like the rain has stopped, and I am going to go for another 2 mile stumblefest.  Hopefully, these will turn into runs in the very near future.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feed me!

So I know I teased you a bit yesterday, but I'll feed you baby birds! This weekend I was down in the good ole B. Remember lesson 1 I learned a while back? Well... You can forget that one! I drove down after a late day at clinic, and arrived around 12 or so. Next morning while Kim was at work I went for a run.

Let me tell you all about this run! I was schedule to go 14 miles. So, before I left I'ed a few routes trying to find a good one. While I was doing that I was picturing the scenery as I was mapping. I realized something, B-town is really hilly, especially when you're running. I settled on a run to and all around campus, was going to end up around 12.5 miles. A touch shy, but good enough. As I was running with my new ipod, listening to my new style of music to run to (thanks Kim) I really began enjoying the run. I enjoyed it to the point of not even realizing I was attacking all these hills. Leaving nothing but devastation in my wake. Not really, but it sure felt like it. I ran by a bunch of my old buildings where I had class. Ran by where I'd meet up with people before I'd go study, by study I mean we'd udually end up at the bar to get afternoon drunk. Ran near my old houses, my old dorm, the track (both indoor and outdoor). All these happy memories came back and I was smiling the whole time. I cannot wait to get back down there, full time. Mostly to spend it with Kim, but also because I love that town! I extended my run because I was feelin real good. Got back to Kim's house, and stopped my watch. 1:38. Not bad. Then I remembered I extended the run, re-mapped it. 13.5 miles! Thats even better! Here is the best part about the whole thing, not all the memories, not being so happy, not the length I ran...but how good I felt when I got back. I felt like a million bucks! I really think my mood during the run helped a lot, but I feel like a true runner now! All this, the day after a long drive. Lesson UN-learned.

Now I'm back in the Cleve. Grumpy. Cold. Test taking-y. Gross. BUT, this is my last set of exams and it is going to feel great when I am through with it. So today was trauma final. Could I have moved my high B up to an A? Sure. But that would have required a lot of studying, and I wasn't having it. At all. So I crammed and slid by, and kept my B. After the test I came home and took the best nap. I didnt wanna get up! But then, for whatever reason, my apt. got to something like 458 degrees, so I woke up. Headed out to the gym for my daily run. 7 miles later, I still feel good! I'm now on track for my marathon training regimen. Not only that, but I am at 79 days, and I feel GREAT! I already know theres going to be a big drop in milage after the marathon, but I have to say, as good as I feel, I'm not gonna stop the everyday thing. That and I am going to make it a year.

Anyway, thats all, baby birds. Did I feed you enough? I'll have a ton more goodies for you in a few days. Until then, keep up the pace! Now I'm gonna go crust on the couch.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Real quick

Boy! I had the BEST run this weekend! I have to study for my test tomorrow, so I'll tell you ALL about it tomorrow. Stay tuned

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So my run today was outside...and I LOVED it! Every second of it was a joy! I can't wait until this is the case for a long time. No more snow...please!

I went out from school and went to the bike path that is near by. The side walks were clear, the roads were clear, but the path was MUDDY, and still had a ton of snow/ice on it. Made for a very difficult run. But I had a secret weapon!

I just bought a new ipod shuffle. Man that thing is awesome. I also bought some new headphones. They are super light. The whole setup was amazing! I could not even tell I was wearing anything, except for the lovely music strumming through my ears. I must that Kim for showing me the way to good running music. Gentle, easy going, guitar vocally Mraz/Johnson style stuff. Man was this an amazing run. 7 miles later and covered in mud, my legs were tired from catching myself all the time on the ice, but my mind was refreshed. It was like I was just lost in the wilderness, lost in my head. Thinking thoughts of the future, thoughts of the past, of all my great friends, and how every one of them (whether they know it or not) have helped me so much to get through school, and to where I am today...


That is all I can think of. Despite school and all its nonsense, and the aweful distance between Kim and myself, and all the other stuff I think I'm bogged down with, I am truelly happy. Thanks everyone.

Hmmmmm...Well, I have clinic early in the morning, and I have this feeling it is going to be awefully boring. But what can ya do, put the time in, once its through be done with it. Right? On that note, I'm out.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Do you remember when I said today was a 6 mile run? Well, on missed turn and an 1:20 later i ran 9.5 today. I realized I was out of whack when I ended up in the city next door, where I used to live. At that point my brain went into survival mode and I slowed down a ton, because I had no idea how long it was going to be until I got home. BUT, i did run 9.5 miles at an 8:20 pace. So iI'd say I didn't shut down too hard. Thought I'd bring you up to speed with my run today. Now I need to go ice a few parts, knees feet and calves.

Lovin' it!

One of my friends from school was kind enough to write me up a training schedule for the race. I got it this past Wednesday, and counted out the weeks to see where I am, thinking I still had 2 or so weeks before I started the program...I'm already in my 3rd week!!!! Not only that, but I have not been logging nearly the miles I should have been for this program. Luckily this week is a little easier one, so I have a week to get on track. Looking at it right now, I think I'm going to have to taper into it over the next two weeks. I really do not think I can go full steam ahead into this right away. This week I'm at 24 miles, next weeks I'm supposed to run 40 miles. That is a double in mileage that I don't think I can handle. Besides, we learned that about a 10% increase in mileage a week it about the max to prevent injuries, such as stress fractures. I wouldn't want to go against what the all knowledgeable doctors at my school teach, because we know they know EVERYTHING!

In an attempt to get on track, I am going to shorten one or two of the runs during the week to a more manageable distance, but keep the long run on Saturday. This week it is an easy 6, but next week...14. WHEW! I cant wait to do it though.

One more week of classes left, forever!!! I am even more excited about that. So, I have 2 days of classes, 2 weeks of exams, and clinic throughout this time, then I am officially a FOURTH year! So excited! No moee classes to drag my butt to, no more class exams to cram for, just clinic/rotations, reading articles and books so I can be somewhat knowledgeable on externships, and thats about IT! I do have boards 2 next march, but that is something I study for by learning in clinic. It is all coming to an end, the boring part of school that it. The rest of it is exciting, and I can't WAIT!

I think thats all for now. So pull up a chair and have a big helping of blog!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Feelin' better!

So as the title says, I'm starting to feel a ton better. The energy level has come back up, so has the eagerness to beat myself up. I learned a little something on my jaunt to B-town... While running on a treadmill is a great way to log some miles, it is NO comparison to running outside. The weather in the B was great so I did my runs outside, 2 miles was all I could get! The variation in hills, the wind, everything made it a ton harder. Lesson #2 learned, don't think that if you can run easily on a treadmill that you can run nearly that far or fast outside!

P.S. I can't wait for the weather to break so I can start running outside.

So some great news came my way tonight! Kim got her very own lil 5 team! YAY! She is the proud coach of the Grey Goats, a guys team. They seem to have quite a bit of talent, they placed 12 last year with 3 riders! The name is awesome too! Sounds like I picked the name. So that means Kim is probably going to start riding a ton soon, which means I'm going to have to so I can go on rides with them when I come down, that is if they'll allow me. Kim expressed a little concern about coaching guys. I just told her to beat them senseless, and they'll love it! haha. Any workout, abuse them. Sounds good to me! I think they're a very lucky team to have Kim as the coach. Her experience, knowledge, and drive will help them achieve their goals. No question about it. Good luck to Kim, and her team! Anything I can do please ask!

This weekend Kim and I went on our "first" real date since we've started dating. I picked her up, gave her flowers, the whole nine yards! We went to THE BEST steakhouse in Btown, Janko's. It was a great dinner. Then we met some people out and had an absolute blast! It made me really excited to be done with school so we can spend a lot more time doing things like that. The time is coming Kim, I promise it wont be like this forever.

I started my last month of clinic rotation this month. I'm excited about it, I just dropped the ball a bit today with presenting the patient to the attendings. OOPS. I also asked for a little time to get my bearing back in clinic as my group has treated a patient for school since October or something. A little rusty, to say the least. I am for sure. They seemed to understand. This month is going to be rough. I have 2 exams tomorrow. Then the last 2 weeks we have 8 or 9 exams. Brutal. I think we can all make it through. Anyway, that about it.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Been a rough one

So, once again it has been a while since my last post, but I assure you I am back. I have been logging some serious miles and yesterday and today I have been paying for it. Saturday was a fast-ish five miles, Sunday was an hour at whatever pace I could maintain (which by the way ended up being 7.5 miles), Monday I went 2 miles in 14 min, Tuesday was another 2 mile day but at 13:30. So I'm getting plenty of miles in, and I'm also getting a ton faster, especially when compared to my old December running shape. Yesterday, it hit me. I got one mile in...uuuhhhhg. One and a half miles (seemed like 45 minutes later) double uhhhhhg. So I only went 1.75. Had to stop.

Today I feel even worse. My body is just absolutely beat. I am tired, sore, and CONSTANTLY HUNGRY!!! I think right now is the hump. I thought it was the first 3 weeks of this endeavor, but now I think its right now. Increasing miles, increasing speed, losing all kinda of time because school.

School, ridiculous. I did however pass my radiology rotation! There were 6 questions on it, and you HAVE to get 100% on it to pass. I have never sweat 6 questions so much in my life. I made it through though. That looks funny, I'm sure there is something grammatically incorrect about that, but "through though". Again, I digress.

So today I wanted to go to my first class, Trauma, then skip the rest of the day of school and surprise Kim by arriving 5 hours before she ever thought I'd be coming. But there is a STUPID quiz scheduled for this afternoon, and I cannot afford to miss it. Surgery was the worst of all my midterms, so I have to get all the points I can to keep my B. The worst part about it is the Trauma and Surgery classes got switched last second so I have already sat through surg, and NOT got the quiz. Lame-o.

Well, this is where I sign off. I am going on one of my regular trips to Bloomington to see Kim. I will try and not let it get so long between posts next time. Mybe I'll try and be funny soon too, but probably not.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Been a few days

Sorry all, it has been a few days since I've written, but rest assured I have continued to run...plenty. Let me start with a little tidbit of info. I signed up to run the Rite Aid Marathon in May on Wednesday! Its official, I'm running it, my first marathon. So I've got some training to do.

Tuesday was not too bad of a run, as I expected from the drive the day before. Wednesday I took pretty easy on the run, only went 5K, but I lifted more than normal. Yesterday I ran 5 miles, pretty happy about the run. Today, whew. Decided to make it a little longer, so I ran for an hour. Went 7.5 miles. I really liked the run, I felt great! I feel like I could have gone 2 hours, which amazes me as I ran pretty hard yesterday. But I have to be careful not to over do it and get burned out from running too much. So I think this weekend will be a little easier.

I'm really having a mind blank on what to randomly yammer about. Just woke up from a little nap and I am out of it. More tomorrow. How about that?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm Back

So after such a rough day trying to run on Friday, Saturday was much much better.  I have to say I think it was the drive that caused the bad day.  Im definitely going to remember this for the future.  If I plan on running a race or something, I have to be there 2 days earlier, not one day.  That aside, I had a great run on saturday.  Ran a warm up for 10 minutes.  Nothing crazy fast, but a good pace, got a good sweat.  Then for the next 10 minutes I alternated 1 minute at 9.5 then the next minute to recover at 7.5.  then a cool down of 3 minutes as slow as you need to go, increasing the incline.  5.0,7.5, 10.0.  Then shook out the legs with a final run at the same speed as the warmup.  Today, I feel great!  Legs are just a little bit tight which is the sore feeling I love having.

My wonderful girlfriend is in Phoenix running the Rock and Roll Marathon as I type this.  I am thinking about her and her brother, pushing them onto another successful completion of a marathon.  I'll have to get back to you with how many they've done.

On to the final subject.  Ive had this blog up for not even a month, Ive been doing my mile a day for 48 days, and I am SHOCKED with how many people have been inspired to start the same program, or to take a new approach to life.  One with a much healthier approach.  Several people in my class have started it.  A friend from my hometown started it.  My friend and wife of an old roomie from college is using this blog as inspiration.  It makes me really happy that I can help people do this.  The idea that I'm inspiring people to be healthier, and in turn happier is making me want to just keep going with my health.  Anyone with a comment, please feel free to comment on a post, share your own story, post a like if you have a blog.  Whatever your doing, keep doing it, and I'll keep the post coming.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Rough day

So I drove back to Rock-vegas for the weekend to surprise the parental units.  Long drive, long night, but I made it.  Only took one extra hour for weather so I'm not too upset about that.  What I am upset about is the stupid expressway situation through Chicago.  I need to look at a map or something.  Every time I have ever driven through Chi from east to west I always get sucked into the stupid Dan Ryan, or the crappy Skyway.  I, for the life of me, cannot navigate my way to the one that goes right by Woodfield Mall, ya and lets me skip all that traffic that constantly plugs up all other options. My west to east navigation skills are far superior and I can find my way just dandy.

So I was able to sleep in a bunch.  I was up at 9:30, which in my mind was 10:30 and I felt great.  Last night I was talking all kinds of awesome, entertaining the idea of running 13.1 today, a long run.  So I went to the gym around 10, got on the treadmill, and it was terrible.  My legs were heavy, my lungs were slow, nothing was right.  I immediately changed my distance goal to around 4 miles.  Huge drop, I know.  But come 1.5 miles, an old guy came up to the mill next to me and started walking.  Then it hit me...An oder that was just overwhelming.  Cologne.  Man it was wretched.  I had to stop within .25 miles of him arriving.  It was bad.  Oh well.  It was a sad run anyway.  So I decided to lift a ton instead.  Now I feel much better about the lack of a long run.

I think beer and pasta from Maria's will make for a much more successful run tomorrow... Yea right.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Who am I???

So it has been a few days since I posted, regrettably. So over the last few days I've obviously been running. Today marked the 45th day of my mile a day thing. I found out from a few people that I have got them to start the same program. At least 1 mile a day, more is great, but they've started a mile. I did have to warn them of the first 3 weeks though. The drive wasn't there for me until after that. Several people in my class at school have started already, or will be starting in the very near future. One of my best friends, Fatty, whom I just spoke with tonight really likes the idea and will be starting once his knee heals...As an aside he tried cutting his own leg off with a steel cutter of some sort. Not really tried so much as narrowly missed. He should be starting by the end of this month. This is great.

I was thinking during my run today, which by the by was a 10k on the treadmill (I hate them, I get SO bored), then followed by a nice 11 mile ride at 22 mph. I was cruisin! Anyway, I was thinking. If everyone would take 10 minutes everyday to run, or at least walk, one mile...Our country would be so much healthier. I have been feeling GREAT. Everyday I wake up energized, happy, and most importantly in less pain than I have felt in years! I can't rave enough about it.

I also was thinking I am probably going to sign up for the Cleveland marathon. It is in May, which poses the problem of training during my rotation in San Diego. Now, believe me, I know how much easier it will be to run out there, but I don't know how much time I'm going to have for extended runs as it will be around the time I'll be making my longest runs for training. hmmm. I'll definitely make time.

Yesterday, I was running really low on time as I was meeting a buddy out for $1 burgers at our local Bar Louis, no they don't pay me, but its a great deal. Beer and basically all you can eat delicious burgers? Gimme a break, I'm there! So I stopped in at the gym on the way. 1 Mile day...But I did it in under 7 minutes. 2 weeks ago that would not have been anywhere near possible! Monday was a fast 4 mile day. Tomorrow, I have a feeling sore is going to be part of it, but its going to be a short day, 1 or 2 miles, but I'm going to put a lift in during class (one of the ones I don't go to because it is AWFUL!) because I'm driving home to surprise the rents. Thought they'd enjoy it, that and Kim is in Phoenix for her marathon, so I wont be going there.

So school is school, can't wait for it to be over. But it is coming soon, I talked someone the grade above me, and it almost rejuvenated me for this last 6 weeks until classes are done. Can't come soon enough, I'll say that. So I wont be posting until Monday probably, as I'll be outta town, but trust me, the Mile a Day will continue. I plan an interval day, probably Friday, and those are rough days for me.

As for the title of this post, I've lost my mind, I'm convinced of it. After the workout today and my excitement for my next one tomorrow? Ive never wanted to go workout again right after the last one got over. I do vaguely remember all the miles going to my brain during high school cross country and feeling something like this, but not to this extent. Insanity is my plea.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Here it goes...

So I have never been one to keep much of a diary, nor share everything that is rattling about in my noggin. I am sitting here bored out of my mind and thought I would start a diary of sorts, and decided to do it here. These blog things seem to be popular, so I wanted to try it out.
Currently I am closing in on the end of my 3rd year of podiatry school. Yes I do like kids, but this has nothing to do with kids, no I do not have a foot fetish, and NO feet do not gross me out. Now that those three common questions are answered we can move on. I feel I have just started to learn things, and apply them in school. That, I feel, is a very big step in these four years of lame schooling. Externships are coming up and I am very excited for that.
I honestly feel I could not make it through this school with the support of my parents, my sis (and her new hubby), and mostly Kim. She has helped me more than she will ever know. Thank you all.
With the small intro out of the way I can now get into what I really want to talk about, running. When I started school in Aug, 2006, I was a chunky butt. Not heavy, but every pound of muscle I had in college went to squish. As awesome as being that lazy was, I hated looking in the mirror. I got here and met some great people. Made a few friends, one really helped me get back on track with my working out. We lifted, ran, swim, spun, you name it, we were all over it just about every day. As before, I dabbled a little bit in triathlons. This has continued my addiction to them...but that will be a later story.
So as school went on, I continued to work out, but not as hard, nor nearly as much. I chubbed up a bit again. Just recently I realized something. At the ripe old age of 26 my body isnt like it used to be. Burger King and McD's can no longer be a staple of my diet. Working out has to be a major part of my life.
December 1. This was the day I chose to do something about it. I began my mile-a-day program. I have to run a minimum of one mile every day, no questions, for one full year. I have been going for something like 37 days straight, and feel GREAT! The first 2 weeks were hard as I was awefully sore just about every day. On those days you better believe I dropped it to my mile minimum, but when I felt better the milage went up.
Back to now. Cold, rainy, snowey, icey days when Im not around a gym I can use, yup, one mile...but now my 1 mile takes much less time to do. I have actually found that I am grouchy and feel crappy until I get my run in. Weird. My good days have gone from running 3 miles to around 5 or 6. This is awesome.
So lemme break today down for ya. Out the door at 7:30 for a wonderful day of crappy boring classes that are as painful to listen to as trying to pull your bottom lip over your forehead. Oh yea, one of them was even postponed for 3 hours too. Real cool. Then I went to Sam's to buy groceries in quantities that someone living alone should never entertain. There was a jar of peeled garlic for 5 bucks. Except this jar has enough garlic in it to feed an army. Lets just say I'll be peeling paint with my breath for the next...year. Lettuce, and all the fixins to make healthy chicken salads for the next month, until I need to go back and do it again (another part of my permanent health movement). Plus snacks, hummus, pretzel rods, you know the drill.
By the time I got home tonight it was 8:30 pm. 13 hours, and sleeting. That sucks. Went to the gym, planning on a one mile day. Got to one mile on the treadmill, felt great, so I decided to do a few intervals. 1 min at 9mph then 1 min at 7 mph. did that for 10 min. Awesome. Way more than I intended. Then I did 3 laps of lunge walks just to put my legs over the top.
So now Im home, tired and have had the idea to do this blog for a little while now. It wont all be running, but I think I may try and focus on that, and the daily issues as a reach for my goal of 1 year. I hope the rest won't be this long, nor this boring. Thanks for reading, I promise it'll get better.

Now go get a towel and clean up, I just got my blog all over your face.