Monday, April 13, 2009

Captain Technology

So we all know I do like the new gadgets and gizmos, but we all also know I'm usually fairly late on getting them.  I was the first, however, to get a black RAZR in Bloomington.  Thats all.  Ive had a black razr ever since.  Ive never had any need to move up.

Now I do.  With the costs of cell phone bills rising and texting being pretty much the only way you can reliably get ahold of someone... You have to have it.  I have had it, but only 200 a month, and we all know how quickly you can burn through that.  SO.  I went out and got myself a blackberry.  They have that BB messaging system.  BALLER!  Its like free texting!  Im still astonished by this.  I think I like it so much because I feel like I'm stickin it to the man by not paying to use his text technology.  So I spent much up my afternoon off setting it up and learning how to use it.  I think I can at least use the thing.  I definitely need to learn to type quicker on the thing.  And more accurately as well.

So Sat I went for a run.  I wanted to make it in the area of...14-16 miles.  Made it 11, maybe 11.5, and died.  Know why I died?  I think sun may have a part in it but I think it was mostly the fact I ran the last 5 miles in sand.  My sis says I was in the "hard" sand.  Hard sand or not, it was at least 50% harder running in it.  I think the looser deeper stuff up the beach would have KILLED me.  Yesterday, I ran around 3, really fast.  I like running fast.  It makes me feel like I'm in shape.  Today was a shorter day and I ran 2, and worked in 3 short really steep hills that I sprinted up.  Just to make myself suffer some.

So I really wish I had picked some other month to make it out here.  Well, had been selected to be out here.  There are several reasons for this.  1) So I could be a little more prepared for the questions and not be so green behind the ears for this one, 2) So the ocean would be a touch warmer so I could go SURFING without a wetsuit (we went on sunday, I loved it, as usual, and we had a TON of fun doing it), but mostly 3) So Kim could have some free time that I could get her out here for some time.  I'd love for her to come out here for like a week or so.  Maybe sometime in the near future we can take a vacation out here for...oh, lets call it "personal health and growth".  Sound important?  I thought that would make it a more legit reason to do it.

Well, I have several articles that I have to know by tomorrow, time to get started.  Ill catch ya later!

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