Thursday, April 2, 2009


Ok, so heres the deal... I have tons of packing to do, I should have called my sis about a few things, I could have folded my clothes after laundry, I should have done all my patient logs from March, I could have finished cleaning my house... Want me to keep going? Want to know what I did manage to get done? I ran (good) I cleaned the inside of my car which is now spotless (whatever) I ate a TON of bbq chicken pizza (GREAT!) and I drank a bottle of wine (even better!). Notice the trend here? I didnt get anything that I HAVE to do done, I just got stuff that I wanted to do done. Whatever. I do have all day tomorrow, and tomorrow night. Hopefully I don't sleep in forever tomorrow, because that sure would throw everything off. We'll make it work, right?

So lets start at the beginning. Yesterday, I went for a bike ride on the path thats near my school. The pace was not blistering, as I am not training for any sort of biking, so I chose to keep my cadence way up, probably around 110 or so. 10 miles later, it was a deep burn. BUT I did have to do my 1 mile. So I took off down the same path I just rode and ran 1.75 (I know that because there's a house that far down the path that's labeled) and back. 3.5 miles. That deep burn from the ride turned into all out torture. But I was able to keep the legs churning and pumped out around 8:30 miles. That was until I went for my run today. I was thinking another 3-4 today would be good for me. Boy, was I wrong. I went a half a mile and Almost died. Had to walk for about a minute or so to get my head together. Cut it down and told myself, I can walk for one more minute if I run a total of 2 miles, the rest of which I cannot walk. I felt like I jad just started running again after a 2 year hiatus. MAN, I sure showed me whose boss (err...huh?). So, remember lesson 1 from long ago (maybe it was lesson 2) dont think you can go for a long run the day after a long ride in the car (6+ hours)? And then remember that went out the window once I grew up and wasn't such a wimp anymore? So I'm replacing that rule with this rule: If you're not used to it, don't think a bike ride the day or 2 before a race will be a nice day off/change of pace and you'll feel good.

Wine is good.

So today after my run I was sitting around and wanted food. I couldn't buy any because I leave for the whole month on saturday, which means unless it were canned, its gonna spoil. So I was trying to decide on my own, then with Kim's help, then while waiting for her response Wil's help (about 30 minutes later) if I wanted Taco Bell or pizza. Check this out, both Kim and Wil answered within 10 seconds of each other and both agreed PIZZA. Which I, of course, agreed with. So I order a big BBQ chicken pizza. Probably too big. But with as much as I got, its going to last me dinner tonight, and lunch and dinner tomorrow. If you know my lack of will-power with pizza, that's definitaly saying something (if you didn't aready know, I cannot STOP when it comes to pizza, if there is any left, I'll gladly keep eating, to the point of sickness. That and donuts. Those are my two "I can't control myself things"). Then I look on good ole' stalkerbook...I mean Facebook...and my brother tells me "bbq chicken pizza, you cant go wrong". Sad. I've lived 26 years without this guy. He marry's my sister and I find out we probably couldn't agree more... On more than just pizza by the way. That's not the ONLY reason he's kickass.

Wine is awesome.

OH! Another really cool thing happened today. I have been in email contact with Hanes underpants because I'm not too happy with the 2 4-packs I bought a while back. They fit really really weird. I used to really like the fit of the "boxer briefs" but I just bought 8 of them and its way off now. Luckily I bought 4 "trunks" which fit awesome, so I had a point of comparison. Anyway, I've been talking to Mr. Hanes about it and I was thinking I'd mail the 8 crappy pair back. Let me clarify. I got mediums because thats about the size of my waist, I didnt want them too tight, so I went medium. The length between the bottom of the crotch to the top of the waistband has go to be...18 inches? Its really bizzarre. Which is exactly what I told Hanes. When I pull them up they go at least 4 inches if not 6 inches above my belly button. I feel like a grandpa. Unacceptable for running, maybe ok for lifting or something else. But this is what I told them, and they said they'd be sending me a complementary pack! WOO! I don't have to mail the others back! Meaning, I can tolerate these weird ones for short run days, or lifting days, and theyre basically free!!! WOOOOOOO!!! Horray for a company that is based on customer service and satisfaction, that seems to be getting harder and harder to find these days. I will probably buy only Hanes for this reason! They now have a devoted consumer. Was that too indepth? maybe? Sorry.

Wine make me jabbery, but is GREAT!

"City girl in country boots" I'm not gonna lie to you, there is no way I'm getting any of my patient logs done tonight. Either I: a) drank too much wine to even care, b)you are way awesomer than I and can do this, or c) are in the same state of mind and plug through without really paying any attention to whats going on with them. I'm hoping its c more than anything. WAIT! Nope, sorry, I just had a fleeting moment of thinking I may want to start these things. That fizzled out real quickly. Oh well, I'll do them sometime.

Yummy wine.

Ok my dear readers, I haven't been 100% honest with you. I mentioned a "bottle of wine". I may have mislead you with that statement. It's one of the BIG bottles, like the "it holds as much as 2 bottles, but only counts as 1 bottle" size. I am really starting to get good and liquered up! I think my right ring finger has a permanent spot on the delete button for all the typos. Fatty, I cannot follow your rules, this would be completly unreadable without using the delete button.

OOP! Here comes another refill!

I kinda wanna keep rattling because I think this may get very interesting very soon. Hmmm... Maybe I'll step away for a few minutes to let some more wines sink in, and we'll see where this goes? Sounds like a plan...

...ok, im back. about 1 hour later and i finished the bottle...well 2 bottles in one, but whose counting?

Man this wine stuff is super cool. And I think I'm even super cooler for drinkin it.

Anyways. Why is it when Im at my most in-oppertune moments I have to try and help someone thats hurt? Boy. The perils of getting drunk when in learning about this kinda stuff. I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow.

I LOVE wine!

I dont even have anything to write about any more. I've put down 2 bottles, haven't done anything I've intended on doing, and am ready for bed.

So do we think I'll get everything done tomorrow I need to? Obviously I'll pack. Is the apt. gonna be clean, is the secret Kim present gonna be finished, is the car gonna be washed, are the logs gonna be done? Who knows. I bet the bags get packed, and the Kim present gets done. The rest is just noise in the background. HAHA.

Welp, im gonna slug that last few sips down, probably watch a half a movie and hit the hay. I'll talk to you all later... Probably once I hit the Whales Vagina... San Diego for those who don't speak German.


  1. YAY for wine! Blogging and wine is an acceptable replacement for logging and wine. I approve.

    And yes, its mind over matter to log and wine. Its almost like a game with me. I take about 1-2 weeks worth of logs and say I have to finish that stack of logs before I can refill the glass. Its great motivation.

  2. PS thanks for the shout out :)