Thursday, April 9, 2009

One week...

So I have been here for almost one full week.  I have 4 days in at the rotation.

I am exhausted.

I don't know how I'm ever going to make it through residency.  3 years of this is going to probably kill me!

Unfortunately, this week has been abnormally slow at the program, as far as clinic/surgery goes.  I've watched a few surgeries, and worked in one attending's clinic in the afternoon.  Believe me, that does not mean I have been able to just float around and flub off.  The two residents have been beating me over the head!  Everything I have learned over the last 3 years has been coming back to haunt me.  Antibiotics (MOAs, coverage), surgery classifications, compartment syndrome, anesthetics, surgical procedures, ALL of it.  And they just keep going with it too.  For whatever reason, they've decided to "make me a pimp" at the rest of my externships (as they say).  I tell them I'm just along for the ride, and I'll try and learn everything they can teach me.

As an aside, one of the outpatient surgery centers we go to is owned by a plastic surgeon.  There are boxes and boxes of fake boobies everywhere.  Posters of sizes and shapes... I didn't know there were so many options with those things!  The volume, dimensions, shape, material, natural hang factor.  WOW.  There are probably 150 of those things on shelves all over the place.  Anyway.

So I think I'll have a cool surgery tomorrow.  Tib-fib fracture ex-fix.  Im excited to see that.  I've never seen an ex-fix put on before, nor have I ever seen an open reduction before.  Then I have the afternoon for more studying.  Great, time to get beat over the head some more.

I have been going to sleep at 10-1030 since I got here.  Mostly because that's when my sis and her hubby do.  I am SO glad I have been.  There would be no way I'd survive if I hadn't.  Speaking of, it is my bedtime.  I'll chat with ya again this weekend.

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  1. Hang in there! I think externships are often more tiring than residency - mostly because on an externship you have the added stress of feeling like you are at an interview every waking minute of everday in addition to long hours on your feet! Residency is just the long hours on your feet... and making sure you don't kill someone.