Monday, April 6, 2009

Here I am...In CA!!!

So I made it.  I'm in California.  I guess I didn't realize it was going to take me 15 hours to get here though.  I got here, and my parents are here.  We went to the BEST burger bar in PB.  Man was that delicious.  Then we headed up to Oceanside where my sis and her hubby live.  This is my first time seeing in their new place.  Really nice.  Then we were all pretty tired so we turned in for the night.

Sunday, I woke up and hung out for a little while.  Decided I would head out for my first run here in CA.  I knew I was going to run far, I had made that decision a while ago.  Started running down the beach boardwalk.  Got a little carried away watching the wonderful scenery, then I ended up starting to recognize some of the scenery.  I figured out...I was in the next town south of Oceanside, Carlsbad.  One of my favorite towns I've ever been to.  It's tiny, the beaches are beautiful, the downtown.  I love that place.  If you are ever in the San Diego area, do go there.  You won't be let down.  So, here I am in Carlsbad, turn around and decided to head home a different way.  Went up to the main road and saw a ton of people running/walking on that road.  Went up to one of them and asked what was going on, it was the Carlsbad 5000 (is what she called is).  So I started running in it.  I went probably 2 miles with them until their path diverged from mine.  There was a cop sitting there, and I had to ask to make sure I was on my way home, which way was Oceanside.  He looked at me a little confused and pointed me the right direction.  I figure I ran about...9-9.5 miles.  Not a bad one either.

Today I went in to the surgery center at 6:30.  Observed the only surgery scheduled today (slow day, which is very rare) and then headed off the the hospital for a quick tour given to me by the first year resident.  As we were walking around, we go to the subject of working out, and diet.  I told him about my mile a day.  Explained how you can tell yourself all you have to do is 1 mile.  Not too much time, not too much sweating, all that good sales pitch stuff I've been feeding you for the passed 4 months.  He started talking about trying to run 3 days a week, then lifting 2.  Then the subject kind of passed.  Probably 4 hours later, as we were preparing to leave, studying some things, and he was helping me with reviewing/learning for tomorrows cases, he said, "You know, I think I am going to hit you up on the mile idea.  You can easily will yourself to do, and finish a mile."


Either I'm a great salesman, or it just makes sense as a way to get back into working out.  I think its the later.  No...I know it's the later of the two.  Regardless, he's going to try starting it today when he got home.

Speaking of getting home, as soon as I got home I studied for the surgeries tomorrow...Then I ran!  I figure I went about 4 miles today, mostly along the beach.  In shorts, and sunglasses.   This made me so happy.  Then I talked to my lovely Kim.  I come to find out she got caught in the SLEET halfway through her run!  WOW!  I still find it amazing how different weather can be.

I am tired, I have another early morning tomorrow, and I need to do a little more reviewing.  This means I will be cutting it off a little early tonight, and talking to you later.

By the way...128 days and counting!

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